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Polar Heart Rate Monitors

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Summer Special! Free UPS Air shipping on Polar heart rate monitorsPolar technology has been around for twenty years. The evolution of the transmitter has continued throughout that time and continues to make Polar the industry leader in heart rate monitoring.

The Polar Transmitter utilizes a one-piece design that encases all of the electrical components inside the unit. This is why a Polar Transmitter is the only true 100% waterproof unit available today. Whether you are a swimmer, like to workout in the rain, or just perspire heavily, you can be confident that the Polar Heart Rate MonitorsPolar Transmitter will continue to work trouble free in wet conditions.

  • No battery compartment or O-ring seal to cause leaking and failure

  • No exposed electronics to cause corrosion

  • Low power consumption technology means long battery life. No yearly battery change necessary

  • 2500 hours of continuous use (5-6 years maintenance free use based on 1 hour use per day)

  • 2 Year maintenance free warranty including the battery. The most extensive warranty on the market.

  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear

  • Durable. Cannot be pulled apart or ripped like competitive models

  • Guaranteed long trouble free use

Polar Heart Monitors come in four different series, for use by beginners and intermediates to professional athletic training: 

F-Series - Designed for beginning to intermediate exercisers new to heart rate monitoring. These models are designed to be easily integrated into everyday workouts ( FS1, FS3, F4, F6, F11, F55)  - FREE 2 Day Air Shipping!
S-Series - Designed to help athletes improve their performance, with advanced features to help guide their training, access the effectiveness of their workouts and to analyzer their performance. (S-210, S-610, S-625X, S-720, S-725, and S-810) - FREE Next Day Air Shipping!

RS-Series Polar Heart Monitors - If running is what you do to stay in shape, the RS series heart monitors will give you valuable feedback that can help improve your fitness or lose those last few pounds. It combines all the heart rate features you need with the stopwatch you’re used to. Track your average heart rate and time for each lap, so you can integrate heart rate easily into your fitness running program. -FREE 2 Day Air Shipping!
Limited Time Special!

AXN-Series Polar Heart Rate Monitors - The new Polar AXN series of outdoor sports wrist computers combine all the features of a top of the line heart rate monitor with an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, stopwatch, countdown timer and electronic compass (AXN-500 & AXN-700). - FREE NEXT Day Air Shipping!
AW-Series - The Polar AW-series activity watches are designed for active walkers, recreational hikers and outdoor lifestyle minded people whose objective is overall well being and staying fit. The Polar activity watches are created for outdoor recreation -- not for structured activity as with the Polar heart rate monitors.- FREE NEXT Day Air Shipping!
CS-Series Polar Heart Rate Monitors - The Polar CS-series heart rate monitor has added cycling features that track your performance from all angles -- designed for the ultimate cyclist or cross-trainer - FREE 2nd Day or NEXT Day Air Shipping!

Interface Systems, Sensors & Accessories - heart monitor bras, Transmitter & Belt Sets, & S-Series IR Interface

Compare the modelsCompare the Models - compare all the models with this handy chart

Glossary of Polar Features - the features of Polar heart rate monitors described

Choose your Heart Rate Monitor Based on Your Needs:

Continous heart rate monitoring to pace you through your exercise program

Weight Management
Continuous heart rate monitoring to measure your exercise intensity. With calorie and target zone features.

Continuous heart rate monitoring to measure your exercise intensity and pace.

Continuous heart rate displayed for exercise intensity, plus memory storage and laps/splits on most modes.

Features for both runners and cyclists including memory storage and laps/split on most models

Advanced cycling features that can be enhanced with the Cadence Meter and Power Kit on most models

Cardiac Rehab
Keeps you in the correct target zone for the correct intensity and heart benefits

Athletes / Coaches
The most advanced heart rate monitors available today with all the features professional athletes and coaches depend upon.

Not sure which monitor is for you?
Click here for a comparison chart of Polar's line of Heart Rate Monitors - compare all the models in one place



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